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    We are a specialist manufacturer and exporter of innovative Heating and Cooling products based in Ningbo, China. Our heating&cooling ranges including PTC Heater,Portable Air Cooler,Ceramic Tower Heater,Outdoor infrared Radiant Heater,industrial Fan and Circulating fan, with over 15years producing and exporting experiences.
author: Huipu
  • 2022-02-11


Heating Types Features    Advantages Weakness
Fan Heater 
1. Electric wire heating element, use fan to blow out the hot air
2. It is normally in small size, portable and light weight, suitable for small rooms.
Fast heating speed, portable and small size, cheap
make the environment dry and big fan noise during heating
Ceramic Fan Heater Use ceramic heating element which will switch off if over heating occurs, portable and compact size, use fan to blow outs hot air
1. Instantly heating up and energy-efficient
2. Much safer and less noisy than fan heater
3. Different types to suitable for small rooms to big rooms.
1. Price is higher than fan heater
2. Big power ceramic tower heater takes up more space.
Convection Heater 
1. Heat up the room by convection heating
2. Warmed by an electric wire heating element or aluminium heating element
1. Whisper quietly heating
2. Suitable for big rooms
3. Some can be wall mounted to save space
1. Slow heating speed
2. Wire heating element will make the environment dry
3. Aluminium heating element cost much more expensive

Radiator Heater                                      
Chemical heat conduction oil inside the radiator to heat up the room by radiation, it is not directly heating up the air like other type heaters.
1. Whisper quietly heating
2. Even temperature and heat dissipation, no drying
1. Slow heating up speed
2. Not suitable for big rooms
3. Low heating efficiency


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