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How to choose a most suitable PTC Ceramic Fan Heater?


There are many different types of the PTC Ceramic Fan Heater in the market, For size, it can divide into Table top Ceramic Fan Heater, Tower PTC Fan Heater; for installation, it can divide into portable Ceramic Fan Heater and wall-mount PTC Fan Heater; for control type, it can divide into Mechanical control, digital PTC Fan Heater with remote, and Smart PTC Fan Heater with wifi function.there are so many different types, so how can you choose the most suitable one for your home? below are some suggestion for your reference:

(1) most of the PTC Fan Heater use two types of the fan, one is blower, the other one is DC Fan, right now, more and more ceramic heaters use the DC Fan instead of the blower, because this DC Fan can be purchased from the marketing directly, it is much easier to assemble, and no need to open the tooling of the blower, what's more, it can save the internal space of the ptc heater, which can decrease the cost and convenient for delivery. On the other hand,it need technical skills to assemble the blower, only the skilled worker can make it running smoothly, if the assemble is not good, the blower will cause very big noise after several times using, it will make you anxious.

(2) For the PTC Ceramic Fan Heater which with DC Fan, some one use dual DC Fan while some use single DC Fan. which one is better? of course the dual DC Fan system, for table-top PTC Fan Heater, the max power is about 1500W, single DC Fan is enough to create the hot winds, while for 2000W Tower PTC Fan Heater or more, if only with single DC Fan, it need a very high speed of the Fan, above 3500r/min, which will cause big noise, if with lower speed, there will be not enough winds blowed out from the heater, some company use this single DC fan is just want to reduce the cost, but it is not good for comfortable heating, the good choice is to choose the dual DC fan system for the Tower PTC Fan Heater, rather than single DC Fan.

(3) From the operation way, there are mechanical type, remote control type and smart wifi type, mechanical type is the most basic one, and the price is the lowest; remote control type which can operated through a remote controller, much more convenient than mechnical one, and it normally has timer function, the remote control type is ideal to use in bedroom; the smart type with wifi, is the latest version, which you can operate even when you are away from home, and the price is the highest.

(4) For the digital Tower PTC Fan Heater with remote, some models combine with fireplace flame effective, it is good to decoration in home, and we developed a digital Tower PTC Fan Heater with atmosphere lights, which can indicate the heating mode and opeartion without be be noise.

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