What is the difference between various kinds of the air cooler?


What is the difference between various kinds of the air cooler?

You can find many different kinds of the air coolers in the market, and the price in a big ranges. How can choose a suitable air cooler for your home, the main factors for your reference:

  1. The air cooler mainly have two fan blowers type: one is vertical fan wheel like tower fans, so it blows the air out like the tower fan as well; another one is the horizontal fan wheel, which normally use the bigger size fan wheel but shorter in length.

There is no exact conclusion which fan blower type is better, the most concern point is the fan noise level and air speed, for example, when the air speed is powerful, it will make the fan noise at a higher level, so you need to find a balance on it.

  1. The water tan capacity, mostly ranges from 3L upto 12L for resident air coolers, and you need to figure out the real water tank capacity, because some factory use the exaggerated data, just make sure how much to fill at a max line in the water tank (not the whole tank).

It normally use 0.5L/hours at summer times, so choose the air cooler water capacity as your requirement.

  1. Mechanical control and Remote control.

Mechanical control item normally has fan speed control, cool and oscillation buttons. While Remote control has additional function, like fan model (normal/nature/sleep), timer ect, as well as the remote controller.