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    We are a specialist manufacturer and exporter of innovative Heating and Cooling products based in Ningbo, China. Our heating&cooling ranges including PTC Heater,Portable Air Cooler,Ceramic Tower Heater,Outdoor infrared Radiant Heater,industrial Fan and Circulating fan, with over 15years producing and exporting experiences.
author: Huipu
  • 2022-02-13

vornado heater and fan

The our new developed 2-in-1 Air cooler & Fan Heater, it is lightweight and portable, why the price is much more expensive than traditional fan heater?  don’t worry, let me explain to you, this innovative heater fan is not only a fan heater, but also an Air circulator Fan. Check below details:

Types Features Advantage Weakness

Traditional Fan Heater
1.Fast heating
2.Over-heat protection
3.Compact size and lightweight
Cheap price
1.Old version
2.Big fan noise
3.Soft warm air
4.Not mean a real Fan for summer
5.Cheap plastic housing

New 2-in-1 Air Circulator Fan & Heater
1.Fast heating
2.Over-heat protection
3.Compact and portable
1.Long air distance
2.providing whole room air circulation
3.Can be used as Fan for summer and Heater for winter
4.High grade Engineering Plastic housing
Price is high

Then How about this 2-in-1 Air Circulator Fan and Heater compare with other type of heaters? Such like Convection Panel Heater, normal Fan Heater ect?  Let’s check out.

convection panel heater

Convection Heater warming up room by naturally air circulating,the speed is slow and unevenness.


electric fan heater 2000 watt

Normal Fan Heater blows out the warm air in short distance, the max air speed is only 2m/s, and the it is diffuse.


air circulating heater fan

While this 2-in-1 Air Circulator Fan & Heater uses signature energy efficient Vortex Action to move air up to long distance, providing whole room air circulation, warming up the whole room evenness, it can heat up a room size from 15-25 m2

See below is the temperature detected data difference between traditional fan heater and this vortex heater.


comparision heater effect

heating fan with cooling

Contact us now for a quote at, you will be impressed with our innovative Air Circulator Fan & Heater, as well as our excellent service.



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