How is the air cooler working to keep you cool in summer time


How is the air cooler working to keep you cool in summer time?

this video shows the way how is the LL04-18J working, to keep you feel cool in summer, make your home more comfortable.

How can the air cooler help you to keep cool?

Our new developed air cooler model LL04-18J include a water tank, there are three fan speed to choose, Low/Med/High, this new air cooler use the Centrifugal wind wheel, which can create much more stronger wind ( max speed > 7m/s), while the fan noise level < 55db, this is a very obviously advantages compare with other air coolers in the market.  You can choose the " cool" function when you want to make the wind cooler, first put the water into the water tank ( remember that the water level not below the "min" marks, and not exceed the "max" marks on the water tank), second, you can put some crushed ice in the box which at the top panel, third push the "cool" button and the water pump start to working, it will make the honeycomb become wet and when the hot air comes through the wet honeycomb, it will makes the air temperature come down, then you will feel much cooler.  remind that if you put ice water into the water tank, you will feel even cooler.

And if you want the air cooler blows in a large scope, you can push the "swing" button and the air out let grill will swing automatically.

Last but not least, the power of this air cooler is only 65W, the cost of electricity is very low, it can save you a lot of electricity bills!

You can find the video on Youtube: