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    We are a specialist manufacturer and exporter of innovative Heating and Cooling products based in Ningbo, China. Our heating&cooling ranges including PTC Heater,Portable Air Cooler,Ceramic Tower Heater,Outdoor infrared Radiant Heater,industrial Fan and Circulating fan, with over 15years producing and exporting experiences.
author: Huipu
  • 2022-03-28

Energy-efficient, Smart control and good to touch is the trends for the electric room heaters.

author: Huipu
  • 2022-03-12

It is a simple introduction on how to find a good ceramic tower fan heater to meet the consumer's demands, to solve their painful which they suffered from other electric ceramic fan heaters.

author: Huipu
  • 2022-02-14

Not suitable for hot days, but this USB mini air cooler is perfect for use in small areas cooling, circulating the air and act as a mini humidifier, too. it sits on computer table or beside bed perfect, blows cool air, keep it on the bedside table for when it gets too hot to sleep.

author: Huipu
  • 2022-02-11

Here is the advice to make you know how to select a suitable room heater for your request, to choose a suitable electric heater simply by their features.

author: Huipu
  • 2022-02-13

It is a Fan Heater, but more than a Heater, it is new designed innovative 2-in-1 Air Circulator Fan & Heater, perfect for the whole year use, act as a Cooling Fan for summer, Air circulating Fan for Spring and Autumn, Fan Heater for winter.

  • 2021-05-04

Compare with the AC conditioner, if the portable air cooler works as good as the AC?

  • 2021-11-28

This new developed digital Tower PTC Fan Heater with slim body, it looks like a home audio, besides heating function, it also integrate into the whole family decoration, it with LED room temperature display and atmosphere lights at top panel, which make it different from other tower heaters. and there are touch control switches or press keys for choice, combine with 0~12 hours timer, what's more, you can also choose the smart version with wifi function, you can control it by phone when you away

  • 2021-12-13

PTC Fan Heater or Ceramic Fan Heater is a same heater, it has table top certamic fan heater, portable PTC Fan Heater, Tower PTC Fan Heater, meanwhile, some with mechanical control switch, some with digital control and remote, the latest version is the smart tower ptc fan heater with wifi function, which can be operated by phone.

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