does the Evaporative air cooler working as good as the AC conditioner?


Application to an Evaporative air cooler

It depends on how dry for the place you are going to use, the dryer place, the better for the evaporative air cooler to bring down the temperature:

  1. Humidity rate <40, very suitable, it will cool down the room temperature obviously, running cost very Low.
  2. Humidity rate bewteen 40 and 50,it is better than a normal circulating fan, but the cooling efficient is not so good as expect.
  3. Humidity rate>50, not so suitable to use the Evaporative air cooler to cooling, because the air is too humid, it can’t help to cool down the temperate by Evaporating the water by this cooler.
  4. Once the humidity>50, suggest to use an AC conditioner to cool the room, like central AC, portable AC, window AC, split AC ect, the weak points for the AC is it is not easy to install, special for the central AC and split AC, only professional electrical man can install it, and for portable AC, it need to install an tube on the window. By the way, if you have an AC and want to save the electric bills, you can combine using the AC and the evaporative air cooler, once you turn on the AC and evaporative air cooler both on at same time, you can set higher room temperature to reach the same cooling feeling, because the evaporative air cooler can help circulating the room air and keep the humid at an comfortable rate.