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innovation design PTC Fan Heater

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Update time : 2019-11-01 00:05:41

PTC Fan Heater is much more safety than normal Electric wire Fan Heater, because as the characteristic of Ceramic heating element, it will decrease the heating power automatically when the temperature is too hot, while the normal electric wire fan heater can't, so when sometimes happened to dangerous working site, for example: the blanket blocked the in-let air or foreign object stop the fan blade, the normal fan heater will become too hot but the heating power still high, it may catch fire when the temperature is hot enough, which is very dangerous to life and property. 

While use the PTC fan heater, when it happened to blocked fan balde or in-let air, the Ceramic heating element will decrease the heating power automatically and the power will be very little if the temperature becomes high, so it will not catch fire under this situation and it is very safety and favorable for daily use!

After couple years developing, now  the design of the PTC fan heater becomes more innovation and elegant, it is a good trend, more and more PTC heater now use the DC motor rather than AC motor, which can make the working fan noise in much lower-level, we are under working hard to supply more reliable and beauty PTC fan heater to our customers!

Contact with us at if you have any new ideals on the PTC fan heater, we would like to develop with you together!